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How RP Works Here

The goal of Send It On is to be a mix of completely ridiculous and completely serious.

Posts will be set up in a free for all form unless specified, meaning anyone can participate in a post unless stated otherwise. A post can consist of anything, a video, a picture of an activity, or a character's random thought. The only thing that MUST be included in each post is the location.

When replying to a post the only thing needed is a spoken response or an action. Actions can be portrayed using asteriks, for example *drinks coffee* or *starts jumping rope*. Quotation marks aren't needed around spoken responses but please use proper capitalization and punctuation!

Journal entries can about anything your character wants, but remember they must be written in your character's voice. Certain parts of the entry can be made private or only meant for one character to see. To do so put the text behind a cut, labeling it as private or with that character's name.

Commenting journal entries is encouraged as it's another way for characters to interact!
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